Maison de Grands Crus

Setting the benchmark in the Bordeaux wine trade, CVBG is dedicated to handling all aspects of the Grand Cru negociant trade, while nurturing the values of tradition, exclusivity and quality that form the essence of its existence. A stand-alone company based in Bordeaux, and part of Thiénot Bordeaux-Champagnes, CVBG is backed by significant financial security and extensive global reach.

With all the advantages of this support, yet retaining its independent strategic vision, CVBG embraces a forward-thinking approach:

  • • One of the youngest and most efficient teams in the profession
  • • Embedding a long term vision for controlling its extensive stock levels, all held in state of the art storage facilities.
  • • Investing in the latest information systems to deliver the most efficient distribution solutions. The name “Maison de Grands Crus” encapsulates its commitment to provide the most advanced levels of service to the wine world’s most discerning clientele.



Established in Bordeaux since 1840, Dourthe has remained true to the values underpinning its rich and original history – the importance of terroir, the relentless pursuit of excellence and an innovative spirit. Today, Dourthe is one of the most impressive wine producers in Bordeaux and recognised as one of the great winemakers across the globe.

Grape growers first and foremost, and also the proud owner of a number of prestigious chateaux and creator of premium quality wines, Dourthe observes an uncompromising quality policy across its entire portfolio, which is reviewed and fine-tuned every year.


Legends of Quality since 1871

Founded in 1871 by Edouard Kressmann, Kressmann is one of the great historical wine companies in Bordeaux. True to its founder, its philosophy has remained unchanged since its creation. Firstly, to select and offer long-term distribution of remarkable wine estates, chosen for their quality and historical significance (certain exclusive partnerships date back to 1871). Secondly, to create premium quality blended wines, based on widely recognised, actual experience and talent, and first-rate knowledge of the vines. In 1897, Kressmann was responsible for the launch of “Monopole Dry”, the oldest brand in Bordeaux, which is still on sale today. Principally targeting the traditional sector, Kressmann operates in more than 50 countries, via an extensive commercial network of agents, importers and exclusive retailers.


Discovering talent since 1864

Founded in 1864 by Alphonse Delor, the Delor Company was the proud owner of several prestigious Grand Cru estates in the Medoc in the early 20th century, and was one of the very first negociant companies in Bordeaux. For a century and a half now, it has upheld the very highest quality standards in selecting, ageing and blending Bordeaux Fine Wines.

Through the Delor Reserve and Delor Heritage 1864 brands, as well as an extensive range of partner Chateaux selected for their exemplary value for money (“les Pepites Delor” range), today Delor plays a leading role in the multiple retail sector in France, enjoys widespread notoriety in Japan and is sold in major retailers in 50 countries around the world. Rather like the gold-diggers of old, Delor winemakers identify the finest “Pepites” (“hidden gems”) from each appellation and invite you to discover a range of exceptional terroirs and talented growers.


Star of Argentina

7 partners and friends, united by their passion for wine and Argentina, together committed to this high-risk project, almost verging on folly. Consisting of little more than a “campo”, on this exceptional terroir located at the foothills of the Andes to the south of Mendoza, and divided into 7 individual vineyard plots, every possible effort is channelled into creating a superlative wine. Clos de los Siete, the brainchild of Michel Rolland, represents an ambitious and truly innovative journey to create a groundbreaking wine.