Noble by nature

Canard-Duchêne is unique in its origins, history and style, a distinction encapsulated in the house signature “Noble by nature”. Since 1868, Canard-Duchêne has been located in Ludes, in the Montagne de Reims Natural Park, occupying some of the most prestigious terroirs in Champagne. Ludes epitomises the magnificence of Pinot Noir grown in the Champagne region, and here, in this exceptional natural environment, Canard-Duchêne draws its rich character and winemaking heritage.


The Enlightener

Established in 1825 by Joseph Perrier in Châlons-en-Champagne, the eponymous Champagne House has been a family business for 5 generations. With Jean-Claude Fourmon currently at the helm, the company is keen to maintain its ancestral savoir-faire. The wines, fruit-driven and offering great freshness, have been blended for more than 70 years by a long line of cellar masters, a tradition passed down from father to son.


Celebrating women the world over

Marie Stuart, a fascinating character from history, and both Queen of Scotland and Queen of France, is one of the most unique female figures of the Renaissance. With her sparkling character and loyal attachment to the Champagne region, she seemed destined to become the figurehead of a great Champagne House. Established in Reims since 1867, the Marie Stuart Champagne House pays tribute to this exceptional female character. And even today, the Champagne House celebrates the extraordinary history uniting Champagne and women the world over, with a Champagne meticulously selected and blended by talented Chief Winemaker Nathalie Laplaige.


An Inspirational Journey

In 1985 Alain Thiénot launched his eponymous Champagne House, driven by his experience as a courtier and close-knit relationships with Champagne growers. This was quite a challenge in a sector where the greatest names began their existence as early as the 18th century. Never willing to compromise on quality or expertise, Alain Thiénot has transformed this vision into one of his key strengths. From this point forwards, using a strategy targeting the gastronomy sector, he has successfully conquered markets in France and abroad. He has passed on this passion and vision to his children, Garance and Stanislas, who decided to join the family business in 2003. With its resolutely modern philosophy, the most recently established, privately owned and family-run Champagne House continues its expansion.